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Tour Details

Tour Date



Summer, Autumn Central Mongolia


7 days, 6 nights

Arrive in Mongolia / Hotel check-in

  • Travel to Bayan-Ulgii province by Air Plane
  • Yolt basin
  • Altai Tavan Bogd national park
  • POTANIN Glacier White River
  • Shiveet Khairkhan’s rock painting complex
  • Petroglyphs of Tsagaan Salaa-Baga Oigor
  • Baga Turgen Waterfall
  • Khoton Khurgan Lake
  • Travel to Ulaanbaatar by Air Plane
  • Sightseeing in Ulaanbaatar city
  • Departure from Mongolia / Hotel check-out

Astro Archeology tour /Rock Paintings/

Mongolia is one of the best places to observe ancient rock painting and enjoy stargazing. It allows us to understand the history of Mongolia and Earth and depicts the sun, moon, wild beasts, birds and others.

The Rock Painting monuments found on the territory of Mongolia and survived to date from the early age bring us the message of our ancestors with stars. In Mongolia, Dalan Khar Mountain is the earliest known Rock Painting art and the first-ever portrayal of the Solar deity.

Historic and archaeological site of Mongolia

The traces of the first human settlements dating back to 800 000 years ago, were found in the Mongolian territory. Some historians even say that the land was inhabited by humans as early as 2 million years ago. Since then Central Asian vast steppe has been occupied by several empires and tribes for thousands of years leaving traces of their history in Mongolian regions. While you travelling in Mongolia, you can visit historic sites of Mongolia to explore more about history from Hun Empire to Great Mongolian Empire. Besides those sites, religious places in Mongolia give you a deep understanding of the rich history of Mongolians. As the country is home to nomadic civilizations and because there was a highly competitive race to conquer its territories, almost no constructed evidence remains. However, some charming monasteries and ruins of ancient cities are still visible today. Travellers who are more interested in ancient history can visit deer stones, balbal stones, rock drawings, burial mounds and noblemen-related monuments that are spread throughout Mongolia.

Wild camping

We offer you to unique camping experience under the million stars. While exploring spectacular night sky of Mongolia, you can enjoy panoramic view of beautiful Mongolian nature with having extra fun from exciting activities including bonfire. If weather is favorable for camping, Mongolian vast countryside offer you unlimited places to build your tents. We assure you that you will love the camping experience in Mongolia if you are enthusiast of camping and enjoying in wild life.

Stargazing / Star party

Mongolia is one of the best places for Stargazing. It will be held on the most outstanding nature without light pollution or obstacles, and to observe the wonderful universe with telescopes, naked eyes at night.

Ancient rock painting

There are several ancient rock paintings in Mongolia that are accessible to foreign tourists. One of them is the Khoit Tsenkher Cave Rock Art which is located in the Khovd Province of Mongolia. The rock art found in Khoit Tsenkher Cave includes symbols and animal forms painted from the walls up to the ceiling.

Nomadic experience

Get to know about the lifestyle of the nomadic herder family in Mongolia and experience their daily life. Mongolians have a simple nomadic lifestyle enriched by the philosophy of living in harmony with the natural environment. Each and every symbolic act of nomads – be it a greeting, paying respect, telling a legend or singing an epic, – inevitably has deep symbolism and meaning. Observing the life of Nomads, one rich with symbolism and tradition, is an unforgettable experience. You can experience how Mongolians make traditional their food and dairy products such as airag (fermented mare’s milk), cheese, and yogurt. You can also try how to ride horses and herd livestock.