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Tour Details

Tour Date

Only in May, September


Gobi Desert


7 days, 6 nights

Itinerary for Southern Gobi desert in Umnugovi province

Arrive in Mongolia / Hotel check-in

  • Travel to Dalanzadgad in Umnugobi province, International Tourist Ger camp
  • TREE planting activity
  • Hiking to Yoliin am/ Vulture Canyon (optional*)
  • Explore Bayanzag (Flaming Cliffs)
  • Visit to Moltsog Els/Sand Dunes
  • Visit to Khongoryn Els
  • Travel back to Ulaanbaatar
  • Sightseeing in Ulaanbaatar city
  • Departure from Mongolia/ Hotel check-out

In addition, itinerary will be flexible and we discuss with tourists, and organize tour according to their interested and requirements.

Astro Ecology tour

The purpose of Astro-Ecology tour is to explore potential positive impacts of Astro-tourism and tree planting for environment protection in Mongolian while enjoying night sky in the Gobi Desert, and for wellbeing.

The percentage of forests is decreasing annually, causing environmental issues for our society in Mongolia and the planet. Therefore, we have decided to organize this exciting Astro-Ecology tour with tourists, researchers, international scientists and local people on the Gobi forest plantation, and engage in reforestation bi-annually in Mongolia.

Stargazing / Star party

Mongolia is one of the best places for Stargazing. It offers the most outstanding night sky without light pollution or obstacles, and to observe the wonderful universe with telescopes even naked eyes at night.

Tree planting

During the tour participants will plant ecologically appropriate trees in the Gobi desert, and It will be the benefits of combating desertification. Also, participants will receive a certificate for their specific tree, for referencing its future growth.

Nomadic family/camel riding experience

Get to know about the lifestyle of the nomadic herder family in the Gobi desert area and experience their daily life